Principles of Integrated Engineering: Whack-a-Mole
The course tasked us with creating a project over a quarter that could enhance our knowledge of mechanical, electrical and software systems and work on teams to integrated into a final project. It also focused on using the sprint format to rapidly iterate on designs over the 2 month period. For this, my team of 5 people decided to make a whack-a-mole arcade game. The game consisted of 6 moles power by pneumatics that would randomly pop up throughout the game and then disappear once the button in the head of the mole was pressed (when someone whacks it).
Autonomous RC Car
This final for Fundamentals of Robotics was designed to help provide more hands on work with the STA(Sense, Think, Act) architecture method. Throughout the final we modified a RC car with a host of sensors and processors. The censored used included a LIDAR, camera, sonar, and infrared. In addition, an intel Nuc-i7 and Arduino were used to collect data, professor, and control motors. The hardware and software were utilized to help the robot autonomously navigate around campus and park in its final docking section. There were several addition software tools used to help with this including RANSAC to detect and avoid walls, and april tags to help with localization. In the end, the project provided great experience in implantation of a complex sensor suite and the computational challenges of efficiently processing all of the incoming data.

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